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One Fold Media, I was too late for two word dot coms. Still it has been a pleasure to see software grow into a massive industry. Contribution is king around here; open source makes what we do possible. It’s an old school coding playground from a few developers. It has grown from a college idea to testing the boundary of what was previously possible. Our specialty is information research, computer vision, and automation. Plus, a lot of the traditional coding type tasks.

Before we knew anything, we downloaded information. Indexed everything we could like the big players. Page titles were an interesting piece of metadata we followed. The thought was to see how they changed over time. This lead to a mass of other website data like name servers and page data. This was the biases for our data collection. The goal was to simply collect and display data.

Meanwhile, machine learning is having amazing breakthroughs. The data is now fed into these systems, some better than others. Each piece of data alters the internal network slightly until we have a meaningful result. We input data and in return get an outcome. The machine optimization allows us to make predictions on data or sort it.

To be continued

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