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One Fold Media, a typically millennial domain as most the two word dot com domains were already registered. We are proud of our contributions and rely on other contributors as open source makes what we do possible. This site is a coding playground of sorts. It went from a college idea, to testing the boundaries of what is possible with technology. Our specialty is information research, computer vision, and automation. Plus, many of the typical coding tasks.

Before we knew anything, we downloaded information. Indexed everything we could like the big players. Page titles were an interesting piece of metadata we followed. The thought was to see how they changed over time. This lead to a mass of other website data like name servers and page data. The goal was to simply collect and display data.

In the meantime, machine learning has proven to more useful and has become easier to use than ever before. With bountiful data at hand, we set out to train algorithms which could provide some positive or neutral benefit to people. Each piece of new data can alter an algorithms internal network slightly. With enough fine tuning, meaningful results can be derived. Machine optimization allows us to make predictions.

It is a pleasure to see software grow into such a substantial industry. We are privileged to take part in it and look forward to creating new products that people find useful.

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