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There are two things that I can do really well. The first is being able to create modern single page applications. I like to think of it as creating programs inside another program and most of it is web accessible. So each page has its own code. Together all the pages make a product. It could be a website, an online game, a desktop app like a browser, or something like a service.

On the topic of services, the second thing I am good at is connecting computers. I do manage some hardware but mostly I am referring to software. Often there are new services that need to get connected or some data needs to be shared. This type of work is a form of networking over existing infrastructure. The services on top may be things like multiplayer games, chats, or websites.

Machine learning is a new subject for me. However, it is a natural progression with my skillset. There are many tasks which are better handled by automated processes. I am currently learning and sharing some of my work on the subject.

Languages - Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Actionscript, CSS, HTML

Databases - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Berkeley DB

Version Control Systems - Github, Gerrit, Git, CVS


  • Software engineering
  • Information systems
  • Web hosting from cpanel to dedicated
  • No cost subdomains at *
  • Cloud based virtual machines
  • Ecommerce, inventory, resell
  • Small and medium printing
  • Some video and audio production


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